Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Abundance in Gratitude

For Thanksgiving a couple weeks back, I guided a class with the theme around abundance and gratitude. Doing research for my theme, it turns out Thanksgiving and Yoga have a lot in common...

As I was thinking about what I was grateful for in my own life and where I have found abundance a vivid memory came to me of my recent trip to see my sweet Mom in the Phoenix, Arizona area.  The next to last day that I was there, we visited a labyrinth at a Franciscan monastery that my mom likes to visit sometimes.

We had just gone on a beautiful afternoon hike at Camel Rock ~

Camel Rock, Scottsdale, AZ

and the sun was setting over the green palm trees, bathing the rocks in red and orange hues. It was magnificent.

Franciscan Renewal Center, Scottsdale, AZ

As I walked the labyrinth I went in with one question: what is my purpose, my dharma? As I was listening for answers, the word abundance kept coming to me.

As I came to the center I started to pray for more abundance to come into my life.  Then I stopped in the center and crouched down to set down an offering of a stone my Mom had given me.

I looked all around me, taking in the colors and beauty, seeing all of the creatures fly and run around me.  Then I realized my answer.  All I needed to do was truly open my eyes and take a look around me to see that there was already so much abundance all around me!

There was an amazing golden red sunset coming through the palm trees and beautiful plant life everywhere, lighting the labyrinth and garden.

There were little birds running and flying around everywhere.

There were two bunnies hopping around.

There was the beautiful majestic and giant mountains in the distance with the sun lit on them, that we had just hiked.

Camel Rock Mountain, Scottsdale AZ

There was my lovely, inspiring and sweet Mom who I was getting to hang out with, going on these  adventures and having this mother-and-daughter bonding time that I will cherish forever!

hiking with my Mom on Bell Rock, Sedona, AZ
Bell Rock, Sedona, AZ

I thought of my incredible husband's smiling face and outstretched arms with such an open heart - my best friend who is always there for me.

There was abundance, love and support in every direction I looked.  I just needed take time to open my eyes to see it.

As I left the center and started my meditative walk back around the labyrinth I realized how truly blessed I am and my heart welled up with gratitude and the sweetest love I could almost taste.  As I came out I told my Mom about my experience and as I said the word "abundance," she said she too had that word pop into her mind as she was walking the labyrinth!

We went into the tiny chapel on the monastery property and put our prayers on tiny pieces of paper in the basket there and sat in the quiet little space.  The sunset shone through its beautiful stained glass windows and we sat with our prayers, hopes and overwhelming sense of gratitude.

After the sun had set, it was a crystal clear beautiful night with the brightest stars you could see outstretched forever.

Sedona, AZ

We went to an gorgeous restaurant and sat under heated lamps on the patio, fountains and outdoor fireplaces all around us.  We had a delicious meal and spent the entire time talking about our dreams and how our intuition was always guiding us in the right direction.

It was such a sweet, abundant day that I will cherish always! <3

El Chorro Lodge & Restaurant, Scottsdale, AZ

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