Thursday, October 24, 2013

We Move As One

I taught my 40 minute "showcase class" to my beautiful and fellow ELEVATE friends tonight... Even though I was a bit nervous (and excited!) with anticipation, what touched me as I was teaching tonight, was how BLESSED I am to be on this divine path of Yoga.. it was one of those A-ha moments when you realize you are EXACTLY where you are meant to be and these lovely people all around you are guiding lights, offering grace, encouragement and love for you to courageously go forth and SHINE! I'm humbled to say I've been blessed with many guiding lights along this path...

I found this song in my search for an array of uplifting songs to keep my yoga playlists fresh.  This is the perfect song to end your Yoga practice - whether in a class setting or at home.  With legs extended out, palms facing toward the heavens, heart softly open, head clear and light... Put one hand on your heart and your other hand either on top of your first hand or on your belly.  Really let this beautiful melody seep deep in your skin, deep in your soul.  You will feel like you have magically emerged as your truest YOU!



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