Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Viva la Mexico! {Prana Del Mar Yoga Retreat in San Jose del Cabo}

I'm soooo thrilled to share that I will be flying out to San Jose del Cabo, Mexico this Saturday morning to photograph and film Jill Knouse's amazing Prana Del Mar Yoga Retreat!!!!!

Jill Knouse's photo
Pictures and stories to come soon ~ I'm just so excited and honored to be going and working again with the amazing and wonderful Jill Knouse! She makes my heart smile BIG!

my amazing mentor ~ JILL KNOUSE! (her photo)
There will be Yoga (of course!), surfing, beach time, healthy food, and BABY TURTLES!!!  Who knows what other adventures are in store?  I can't wait.

Then on my way back I am flying through Phoenix to see my sweet and lovely Mom!!!  5 whole days of mom and daughter time.  Again, I can't wait.  The blessings abound.  So much gratitude! (But I'm going to miss my hubby sooooo much - skype here we come! :)

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I am also proud to say that we recently graduated our Elevate Yoga Trainings with Jill Knouse this past Saturday... although some tears were shed, we are joyful to have had such an incredibly uplifting and transformational journey together and have our beautiful yoga community surrounding us always!

I am happy that we learned so much, made so many lovely memories and dug deep inside to find our true voice as yoga teachers.  So blessed.

Testimonial and promo videos to come soon!!!

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Lastly, the North Portland Yoga garden shoot photos came back! So excited to share them!

{Jainee Dial: Photographer} 
{Jeffrey Bale: Private Garden Set}
{Caylan Wagar: Hair and Makeup}

Here they are~