Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A Happy New Year!

For Christmas my fiance and love of my life, Nate got me the most extravagant gift: a brand new Nikon D3100.  For a girl who can turn just about any event into a cause for taking pictures, this was definitely the most thoughtful gift I could ever dream of receiving.  Even more sweet, when I consider that "please, please, please stop taking my photograph" look Nate is known to give me from time to time... :)   This amazing gift was also the perfect tool as the official start to a dream I've had for awhile, of sharing my experiences, thoughts, hopes and dreams on a little plot here called A Dash of Goodluck.

 Sooooo happy after opening the
sweetest Christmas gift from Nate :)

What I hope to accomplish here is exploring the world around me and share my journey along the way, however the most important thing for me is to be as honest and open as possible, with a sense of humor, childlike transparency and humble gratitude.  Life is a sweet, sweet gift, and I just want to thank you for taking the time to watch this new seed of an idea grow and my excitement to share!

* * * * *

I went to college with a major in film, and came just 3 credits shy from also earning my minor in creative writing.  (I should go back and take one more writing class just to get that minor under my belt).  Anyway, my love for writing always took the form of pen to paper in my trusted journal, scribbling random thoughts and contemplating different aspects of my life, always trying to connect the dots.

While on a sunset hike with Nate the other day, I realized I've always been a weaver of sorts.  Subconsciously, I weave together different colored threads of life in the hopes of creating one mis-matched yet beautiful tapestry.  I think it makes sense, as I'm half Navajo Indian and so many Navajos indeed make their living weaving gigantic rugs for auctions.

In my traditional Navajo clothes on an ancient Navajo site in New Mexico

Being a weaver means we connect things.  We want to loop one thread of our life together with the next.  Maybe we try something new, but we never forget the significance of former memories as we create new ones.  Among my broad array of interests, I'm going to do my best to look for the deeper themes and connections that weave it all together.

Right now, my fiance is going back to school at the University of California at Los Angeles Extension Program for Landscape Architecture.

I'm so proud of him! He is my beacon of light :)

I am about to turn twenty-eight.  People say this is a pivotal time in one's life for choosing what is most important and making choices that will set the foundation for the future.  This is also the year I am getting married to the love of my life and best friend.  I am just so happy and blessed to have found the one I'm going to spend the rest of my life with.

On the rooftop of our riad in Fez, Morocco - where Nate proposed to me April 14th, 2011

With this beautiful commitment, I am more deeply listening to the higher calling for my "life's work."  I want to truly do something I believe in, that is meaningful, and actually makes a positive difference in the world.  It all comes out of being in love.  Love has greatly opened doorways in my heart and the infinite light of possibility shines brighter than ever.  Desires and interests that have always been there, yet that maybe were not visible before, are budding up like little blossoming dandelions all around me.

Here are a few new found interests blossoming in my life now...
  1. Wedding planning! I will be marrying the love of my life, Nate, this August 25th, 2012 in Hood River, Oregon :)
  2. A passion for healthy, fresh and local foods in a variety of simple yet delicious meals, and the joy of cooking :)  I also plan to share a Food of the Week with health benefits and a recipe in my blog.
  3. Being creative and following my artistic journey.  I'm interested in creating any form of art such as photography, film, drawing, music and more. 
  4. Seeking God, especially while I'm in nature, the ultimate artistic creation.  Love, grace, beauty, clarity, and peace are some of the treasures uncovered in these quiet spaces.
  5. The power, harmony and strength of Yoga - with a slower, deeper, meditative and more compassionate approach.  I plan to share a Yoga Pose of the Week that will correspond with the Food of the Week in my blog as well.
  6. Being outdoors and doing anything active.  I want to share my outings such as hikes, runs, bike rides, kayaking, camping trips and more.
  7. Landscape architecture: I love how it's about creating special outdoor places in the world where we can settle, grow, create and be inspired for generations to come. 
  8. A deeper calling to help those in need, including those less fortunate, people suffering from illnesses, children, animals and this beautiful planet that sustains our lives.  I want to seek out, interview and feature inspiring people for the Person of the Week as well.
  9. Animals: I can really feel that "mother instinct" kick in every time I come home to our adorable pets! Greater awareness makes me realize how much we need to protect, love and respect animals all around the world.  I would love to feature and sponsor a Pet of the Week from local shelters, as well as fund-raising for endangered animals around the world.
  10. Spending quality time with people I love, doing things I love... I want to create a business with Nate where we make a living doing what we are passionate about together!
In this blog I am dedicated to sharing my journey of discovery in these different "threads" of life, in hopes of creating a beautiful tapestry.  I want to keep learning every single day and become a humble student to what life has to teach me.  Of course my loving fiance, family and friends are my greatest motivation... I wouldn't be here without all of you!

Thank you for letting me share... 2012 is going to be amazing... it already is!  

Love, Light and Blessings,

Cassie Goodluck

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  1. Cass, this is so inspiring and well-written. I am so proud of you! I really love your description of being a weaver and of describing all the 10 things that are important to you. I love you, sister, adventurer, lover of life and amazing writer and artist!!!

    Your sis, Em